Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just ask two people...

 ... if they know of any 
 old discarded sewing machines 
1. don't work any more (or they may work but would like to donate it)
2. still have their bobbins, workings, etc.
3. would give a women in a third world country a chance to better her life!

(These might be in an attic, a storage room, a closet or the garage...or grandpa's shed!)

I did a post on sewing machines
almost two years ago.

An awesome gentleman at the
Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City,
 takes old, discarded sewing machines
and cleans them up and turns them into 
"hand cranked" machines
to be used in third world countries
where electricity might be an issue for people.

A women in Haiti
was given this machine
(a pink one I was able to donate...)
 to start her own business
and grow to a place of self reliance.
She was SO happy and grateful to receive this gift.

So... just ask two people to ask two people.  
Leave me a comment and I will try to arrange to get them!  
(They can be as old as the early 1900's)

A friend of a friend just donated an antique machine that was made in 1910.
It turned out to be a specialty machine that was used to
sew HATS!
The Humanitarian Center we SO excited and grateful!

Even if the two people don't know of any machines right now .... 
thanks for asking... it plants the thought!
You never know what good you can do!

Go ahead.... touch someone's life for good!
I would love to follow the stories...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Are you Toot or Puddle?

Loved this book!
My first Toot & Puddle Book.
Toot wants to be a world traveler...
Puddle prefers to stay home!
They both have wonderful adventures 
far away
...and right at home.
I totally fell in love with Puddle
I could instantly relate to him!

I love my home...
I appreciate what it has to offer me at this time...
it's just where my heart is! 
(I'm going to start a collection of these books!)
Too fun! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Eve Surprise...

Valentine's 2012
My front door....

I came home after dark and someone had surprised me
and filled the front-yard grass & snow 
with Valentine's messages
of love and cheer!
Too FUN! 
(I was so touched!)


I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Alain's parents, 
cute cards from friends, 
a single red rose from Anna, Brooklyn and Carter...
an adorable cupcake paper filled with a pair of stockings...
It said, "You knock my socks off..."
My friend said she thought I would appreciate the socks...
...more than the calories of a cupcake! 
(she was right).
I feel loved.
Thank you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

What is it about a sweet child...

...and she's MINE!  
Well, my grandchild Emma Jane! 
I just loved this picture for Valentine's Time! 

Wishing that love was more important than "being right",
than having "imagined status,"
than filling voids with "artificial things" that the world offers to me..."
more important than wanting to look like
"I have it all together." itself
could change life's big and little troubles...
a challenge to forgive...
stubbornness and selfishness...
freedom from offense...
Love offers peace...
true peace!
Only with humility, selflessness and self-love
 can I see past my own trivial problems and begin to
progress like never before... to feel like I've never felt before.
 So...Taking time today
to reevaluate...
and challenge myself to a life filled with more charity...
the true love of God!

 Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One year without my sweetheart!

 I didn't see it coming....  
There was no warning whatsoever.... 
I was totally blindsided....

My husband and best friend Alain, left this earth
one year ago today. 

But oh... 
the blessings one year has brought into my life. 

I realized very quickly after he passed away,
that I had been married to the most wonderful man 
any woman could ever ask for. 
(I knew that before, but never with this intensity)
The years we spent together were some of the hardest...
yet the most growth occurred during that time also.

Alain was the most loving, giving, selfless person I have ever met.  
His ultimate goal in life was to...
be found worthy as a son of God, 
a faithful husband, 
a good father and a friend to all. 
  (I know he reached that goal...and all who knew him would agree)

I had the precious experience recently of reading his personal journals.
The one I read, started in 2005
and went until his last entry of January 21, 2011. 

I was amazed at his 
goodness, his humility, & his willingness
to keep trying after mistakes & challenges,
and his number one love.... 
serving any and all whenever he saw a need.  
He filled the pages with things he was so thankful for;
vehicles to take us places,
the furnace,
running water,
his health...
(which was always a challenge),
his children & grandchildren,
his ability to create and build things...
and the opportunity to serve others in need.

I read over and over again of the love he had for 
his parents, his family and me.
   Blessed me!  

I completed reading this journal, 
and was left with such an overwhelming appreciation and such gratitude 
to have been married to such a MAN!  
This experience was such a tender mercy in my healing and moving forward. 
I have felt a complete peace and calmness 
at my ability to continue missing 
every fiber of his being, 
and yet be able to continue through the coming years, 
honoring his memory,
loving our children, improving my life, 
serving others as he would have,
and being one year closer to being 
together again! 

During the past 12 months.
I feel such deep and sincere gratitude to every one of you,
who have touched my life for good...

Thank you 

I could NOT have done this without your love, prayers and support.
And as my sweetheart always told me...
"Tomorrow is a new day!"

(and I look forward to it's blessings!)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Man!

B est dad to his "5"children...
R eady to help anyone...
A good guy chasing the bad guys...
N ifty piano player...
D o it yourself man...
O bedient & True...
N ot a Nerd!

This is my first child and oldest son 
 He is the ripe old age of 34 today!
Holding that sweet baby boy in my arms
those 34 years ago 
is one of the most special reflections I have in life.

I am grateful for a respectful son
who was a joy to raise
and now a joy to watch do the "raising!"

This is Brandon when he was about 5 years old.
His sister Angela was crying because there were
too many "stickers"
in the field she was trying to cross.
 My heart and camera took a picture that day!
This was his nature as a little boy!

Christmas 2011

Happy Birthday Son...
I love you!