Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That's what friends are for....

I was supposed to be in San Antonio, Texas right now
visiting my baby Michelle.
Flying standby just wasn't in the cards this weekend.
So I spent an extra day with my "bestest" childhood friend Kelly!

 We go way back....
.... back to Mrs. Little's preschool in Bountiful, Utah.
 We were both little "pipsqueaks." 
Whatever Kelly did.... I did.
But...she was more positive peer pressure
than the opposite
(except for the time she wanted to test drive my mother's car...
a 1967 Mustang...
We were 15, not licensed and yes she crashed!
We fessed up years later and were forgiven.  I think?)

We were both cheerleaders
and class officers together.
We were both a little boy crazy...
(me a little worse I fear!)
We loved belonging to the same ward 
and going to girls camp every summer.

We laughed this weekend remembering 
so many crazy memories.

Kellys cute mom is 90 years young!
She took the picture of Kelly and I 
when we visited her in her home.
(Just a tad blurry but she did it just the same!)
 The picture below that one is of Kelly and her mom!
Kelly gets much of her optimism and love for life
from her dear mom Edie.
I believe Edie was still tap dancing into her eighties!
So fun and full of life that gal!

Kelly drug me to Lagoon Saturday night.
I couldn't believe as I was standing
50 feet in the air,
ready to go down some "water log ride thingy"
and that I was still giving in to "peer pressure."
(How many years later... oh my!)

you need to know that
Kelly and her husband Danny are gems.
Alain and I loved to visit their "bed and breakfast!"
(usually on our way out of town)
They are always involved in "good works,"
welcoming anyone and everyone into their home.
They spent three years in Africa...
Danny serving as mission president.

I have been touched by such a wonderful friend
and my life is better because she is one of many
who encourage me and tell me that
I can do this, and say to me....
"Good job, good job!"

We went to the Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake City for movie and lunch!

Me & Kelly

Kelly and Edie

Danny & Kelly

Thanks for the memories!