Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't believe everything you hear...

I was told by someone that Christmas Day was the best day to fly.
("So quite....hardly anyone in the airports.")
So...I booked my Christmas trip and decided to fly home on Christmas Day.
Wrong... it was nuts!
Crying children, loud people that want you to overhear how wonderful their life is,
cranky flight attendants, long lines and not so "Merry" travelers.

OK.... now the blessings of my trip.
I wasn't home alone this Christmas without my sweetheart.
My friend Sherral took me to the airport, babysat my car, and picked me up again.
I got to see eight of my sweet grandchildren that live in California!
I stayed with Angela & John.
Took John to lunch for his birthday.
Sat at the beach and soaked up sunshine and Vitamin D, 
while watching grandchildren run and play and discover a half eaten shark...
We traveled to see new sweet baby Ellery.  (One week old)
We visited with Amanda's parents in El Centro.
Ate our traditional Christmas Eve Dinner...
ham, twice baked potatoes, Aunt Shawna's Yummy Salad, peas & rolls!
Witnessed the magic of Christmas through a child's eyes...
Was spoiled by my daughters...
Visited with my friend Kelly at her home after landing.
Michelle and Judson drove from Park City to see me at Kelly's.
Talked or heard from all our kids!
Drove home safely.
(Sleep in my own bed!)

Once again, the blessings outweighed the craziness!

My feelings about the loss of Alain 
have begun to feel very personal.
I'm not sure how much I will blog of my struggles, heartaches, triumphs,
challenges, fears, hopes and disbelief in the upcoming year.
I will continue to move forward, but again,
grief  is an individual and private struggle in so many ways.
I don't know if I will ever feel whole again.
but I don't know.
Alain was a wonderful, wonderful person.
So loving and giving and kind.
So humble and willing to do whatever he could to bless my life.
Wish I could be as strong as he would want me to be.
Very, very grateful for friends and family who have hung in there with me
and touched and blessed my life in ways that I am still astonished by.