Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Eve Surprise...

Valentine's 2012
My front door....

I came home after dark and someone had surprised me
and filled the front-yard grass & snow 
with Valentine's messages
of love and cheer!
Too FUN! 
(I was so touched!)


I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Alain's parents, 
cute cards from friends, 
a single red rose from Anna, Brooklyn and Carter...
an adorable cupcake paper filled with a pair of stockings...
It said, "You knock my socks off..."
My friend said she thought I would appreciate the socks...
...more than the calories of a cupcake! 
(she was right).
I feel loved.
Thank you!


jamie t. said...

What nice surprises. Wasn't too bad eating pizza and watching biggest loser with the Tonks' either.

Michelle and Judson said...

Those valentine pickets are so cute, what a fun idea! Sure miss you!