Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just ask two people...

 ... if they know of any 
 old discarded sewing machines 
1. don't work any more (or they may work but would like to donate it)
2. still have their bobbins, workings, etc.
3. would give a women in a third world country a chance to better her life!

(These might be in an attic, a storage room, a closet or the garage...or grandpa's shed!)

I did a post on sewing machines
almost two years ago.

An awesome gentleman at the
Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City,
 takes old, discarded sewing machines
and cleans them up and turns them into 
"hand cranked" machines
to be used in third world countries
where electricity might be an issue for people.

A women in Haiti
was given this machine
(a pink one I was able to donate...)
 to start her own business
and grow to a place of self reliance.
She was SO happy and grateful to receive this gift.

So... just ask two people to ask two people.  
Leave me a comment and I will try to arrange to get them!  
(They can be as old as the early 1900's)

A friend of a friend just donated an antique machine that was made in 1910.
It turned out to be a specialty machine that was used to
sew HATS!
The Humanitarian Center we SO excited and grateful!

Even if the two people don't know of any machines right now .... 
thanks for asking... it plants the thought!
You never know what good you can do!

Go ahead.... touch someone's life for good!
I would love to follow the stories...