Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blogging Blues...

Family lunch at the BYU-Idaho Cross Roads....

I just don't know why I haven't been able to do a blog post recently.
I have a lot of deductions.
 I think I am feeling a little torn
on how to express my two lives...

One life,
 is the one that has to keep moving forward...
  the sun keeps coming up...
and my heart keeps beating.

The other 
is the one that still misses my best friend.
There are days where I think,
"Wow, is he mad at me...
 I sure haven't seem him in a long time?
Silly maybe,
 but some days it still doesn't' feel real,
and it doesn't make sense.

The low lows aren't as low,
(although they still come and usually catch me off guard).
but the happy highs just aren't as high either.
I try to keep my emotions pretty level....sad!
So grateful for his love letters, notes of appreciation,
birthday wishes and journals
that help keep our love alive

even though we are very far apart.