Saturday, June 4, 2011

Touched by a note....

Thursday I went to my class at the "college."

Last Tuesday's class felt like a disaster to me.
We were discussing topics such as divorce and eternal marriage.
I felt I should share about my divorce,
but entirely didn't want too.
First of all, too many tears were on the surface leftover
from the day before.

I just felt so strongly that I should.... so I did!
I apologized for being so emotional and then just blurted it all out.
Afterwards I thought, "Why did I just do that?"

My teacher made me feel a little better after class
and told me to share whatever I could
of my life experiences to these students.
I told him he could just stand me in the corner
as a poster child
of life disaster.
He was very kind.

After the next class,
and as I was leaving,
my teacher slipped a note into my hand,
and simply said to me, "From one of the students...."
I came home and read it and cried, (shocker)
that what I said had made a difference
to at least
one person.

I'm posting this not for the words she wrote,
but for the fact that she took time to write it.
I simply cannot get over
how blessed and compensated I have been
through my Heavenly Father's tender mercies.

Today I was touched by a note.....

to be continued.....