Monday, April 4, 2011

Healing my "Heart..." (back in France) Part 11

Tuesday, March 15

I think this was my favorite place.
Well.... one of my favorite.

Left around 8am .... heading back to France.
We are lunching in the walled city of Carcassonne.
Robin Hood Men of Thieves was filmed there in the 1990.
The castle was called Chateau Comtal.
All the locals got to play big parts and loved their town being called
"Nottingham Castle."
In the evening we arrived at the hilltop town of
Les Baux which crowns the rugged Alphilles Mountains.
As it continued to rain/mist, we walked around the narrow cobble stoned streets.
Up & down...up and down.
I think this was my favorite place to take pictures... so many cute shops!

We stayed at the Hostelle De La Reine Jeanne!
Before retiring for the night we ate in a cozy little corner of the hotel restaurant.
I will never forget my decadent dessert. It was the most delicious
cream puff with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream!
"Oh my!"

Michelle and I shared our own room on this night and
we had the cutest little room and bathroom.
Our room had a balcony and we left the windows open all night for a
fresh mountain breeze.

Hostelle De La Reine Jeanne

This adorable shop only sold "white" clothing. Interesting?

Outside our restaurant window
after a breakfast of juice, hot chocolate, fresh croissant and pan du chocolate. Yum Yum!

Used to be a castle windmill....

Walls where the castle used to be....

Men prepared for war.....

Battering ram .....

Outside the restaurant city... long way down!

Chateau Comtal

Dear Alain,

After we got back in the car after visiting the Chateau Comtal, and tried drying off...(we've been walking in the rain!), Shawno said, "Winnie the Pooh and the blustery day!" That reminded me of the saying I often said to you when we were busy helping each other... I would say... Winnie the Pooh says, "Everything is friendlier with TWO!" I am missing terribly the "TWO of us." I think you would be proud of me... I'm trying to do hard things... all by myself!

PS. Could you surround our home in heaven with green rolling hills with rock walls?