Saturday, October 15, 2011

"You see, we can't stay home all our lives,
we must present ourselves to the world 
and we must look upon it as a 
                                                               Beatrix Potter

"Miss Potter" has to be my favorite movie.  Before Alain died we watched it several times.  He came home from work one day and asked me what I had done that day.  I said, "Watched Miss Potter..."  He said, "Again?"  That happened more than once.  We didn't have cable, and watching TV is one of my least favorite things to do... (life's too short)... but I did get hooked on this movie.  I loved her determination when her mother discounted her talent, spirit and her love for life and nature, I loved how she found true love in a man who understood why her parents couldn't except it (because they had never know "their" kind of love).  My heart broke for the tragic loss she experienced when Mr. Warne died suddenly, shattering her hopes and dreams for the future, but most of all I was impressed with her determination to once again move forward and make a difference in the world.

I waited for about six months before I thought I could watch it myself this time.  One Sunday afternoon after church, I decided that "this was the day".  Even before it started.... just when the music started playing, tears (with minds of their own), streamed down my cheeks.  This day, her loss was even greater because of my loss, but also my hope was increased for the fact that I can indeed "present myself to the world and look upon it as an adventure."

PS.  Anyone want to go to the Lake District some day?