Friday, February 3, 2012

Birthday Man!

B est dad to his "5"children...
R eady to help anyone...
A good guy chasing the bad guys...
N ifty piano player...
D o it yourself man...
O bedient & True...
N ot a Nerd!

This is my first child and oldest son 
 He is the ripe old age of 34 today!
Holding that sweet baby boy in my arms
those 34 years ago 
is one of the most special reflections I have in life.

I am grateful for a respectful son
who was a joy to raise
and now a joy to watch do the "raising!"

This is Brandon when he was about 5 years old.
His sister Angela was crying because there were
too many "stickers"
in the field she was trying to cross.
 My heart and camera took a picture that day!
This was his nature as a little boy!

Christmas 2011

Happy Birthday Son...
I love you!