Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seeing more clearly....

"Our trials can either end up hardening our heart
humbling us.
How true the saying,
"Suffering in life is inevitable, but misery is of our
own making."

"Often in the midst of suffering trials, afflictions, and discouragement,

those very circumstances
tutor us in developing increasing love and trust in God.
Consequently, what a great blessing those trials are!"

Gene R. Cook

Last night a close family friend called me. He was the Young Mens President when I was 16 years old, and I was called to be Laurel President. He seemed to love and care about me then, and these many years later, he still cares about me and my welfare. As I tearfully shared that I am trying to find out what my purpose is now, he gently counseled me to, "Be patient. Wait on the Lord. There is no good in Heavenly Father telling me right now, what is going to happen in two years!" He is so right.

One day at a time with a trusting heart!

"Plead fervently for understanding and the ability to endure.
Trust in him for that which you do not know
and you will come to know
much more!
Gene R. Cook

Today I am practicing PATIENCE with a more humble
and grateful heart!