Monday, January 9, 2012

Six years young!!

(Paige is my 5th wonderful grandchild and 3rd beautiful granddaughter...)

Her birthday is today...January 9th!  I remember the day she was born.  Although her parents lived in California, her mommy was going to be living here with us in Rexburg while Paige's daddy was in training for the Coast Guard.  So she was born at Madison Memorial Hospital.  I was standing just about as close as one could get when she arrived into this world.   Boy was she a beautiful baby!

Last week during church Paige looked up at her mom and said, "Mommy, I think Papa is happy in heaven!                                    

P retty as a princess
A lways thoughtful and loving
I s the most sweet and tender little girl
G ets along with everyone
E xtra, extra special

Love you Paigie Waigie Puddin n' Pie!