Monday, August 13, 2012

Huckleberries & Secrets

Brandon and Amanda arrived for their summer visit to Idaho...
with their five little ducklings and the new family dog, Gwen!
 Aaron and Jamie called and said they were going to go
(Not sure of the proper name for that...)...
and would we like to go along?
That would be a YES we said!
Our first stop was not very "fruitful"  (tee hee)
We drove further up the canyon and scored!
Ice cream buckets, cottage cheese and yogart containers
we being carried by seven little ones,
and the big people!
I was on "spider duty" most of the time, yelling,
"Aughhhh...don't walk through here...giant spider and web."
Then of course they all came running.

There is a unspoken rule here in Huckleberry Land...
You don't tell people where "your" spot is for Huckleberring...
don't bother asking...
they won't tell.
There are general area's that everybody can get to,
but a true blue, dyed in wool Huckleberrer will not tell you.
Grandpa's go to their graves... just don't ask!

We took our berries home and Aaron went and bought all the ingredients
we would need to make home made huckleberry ice cream.
(Below are our hero's!)
No kidding...
the best ice cream I've had in a long, long, time!

These cousins had just as much fun together as the first "batch of cousins."

I was so grateful to my handsome son and grandsons
for rolling up their sleeves 
and coming out in the back to help me "weed."
It was so fun to here them talk and realized
this was a reconnaissance mission..
"capture and destroy!"
Brandon made it fun for them and I was impressed with his
ingenuity and teaching methods.
We worked three solid hours
and came out

We visited the Idaho History Museum one day.
King Tut!

Time flew by and their visit came to and end.
I took a picture of Jason holding the very "Teddy Bear" that I gave to Brandon
over 34 years ago.
Can't be possible....that's crazy talk!
time does fly!

Family...Summer...Fun Times...Food....Laughter....Love!
Grateful for the visit!