Saturday, August 27, 2011

More journeys...

Today another journey alone.
Family Reunion!
I was surrounded by so many loved ones
Hugs, smiles & concern...
But once again... a special event
without my sweetheart.

I've been told time and time again...
The first year...
with all the firsts 
will be the hardest.

I took this picture on my way up the road to the cemetery.
(Through the windshield splattered in bugs!)

It is so peaceful there
and I visited with mixed emotions.
Again I say to myself,
"Why did he have to be so wonderful?"
Thankfully I know where he is and in the blink of an eye
(unless I live to be 97 1/2 of course...)
we'll be together again!

These are my two uncles and two aunts who I love and adore.
We go way back of course!
They are my mothers brothers and sisters.
I'm so proud of my heritage
and wish we all could have been there today!
Grandpa Alfred and Grandma Lucile looked down with pride today!

The Rogers Family always knew how to put on a feast.
Today was no exception.
(I did miss my mother's pies!)

This reunion was held in a little sleepy town called Bloomington, Idaho!
I think it is the best kept secret ...
an ideal place
for raising a family,
breathing fresh air
and feeling the wide open spaces.

These horses and barn say "Hello... welcome to the past!"
1918 to be exact!

What in the world would I do without my big sis!
When we had to choose a sister, I know a lot of people
were standing in her line...
...and I won!

Families Are Forever!