Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Years of Wonderfulness!

I s a very hard worker
S peaks Spanish very well
A lways a teaser
I s a very good piano player
A wesome grandson
H ugs his Nana with the best hugs!

This is Isaiah Alain. 
Isaiah was born 10 years ago today! 
He is my very first grandbaby! 
(He was cuddled and kissed like no other!)
I will never forget the first time I heard him say "Na."
(Short for Nana!)

This is Isaiah this past summer in the backyard.
He wanted to be the first one to find a ripened "raspberry!"
(And he was!)
The bee's were making him nervous so he went 
and got a pair of his Papa's work gloves.
I asked him how in the world could he pick raspberries
with gloves on?
Very well, apparently!

One morning I went outside and found my sweet daughter in law
and grand-kids working in the garden.
I was so impressed with Isaiah... he is one hard worker.
I will never forget the previous summer when he got another group of cousins
and went to work weeding the corn to surprise Papa!

This is a picture of Isaiah's dad Brandon, Papa,
Isaiah (holding his scriptures) and little brother Josh just before
Isaiah was baptized in California two years ago.

Isaiah is the tallest boy sharing his talents at our
Family Reunion Talent Show!

                 Happy Birthday Isaiah!