Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patiently I'll await...

I'm watching the brilliant colors of Autumn
quickly dissapear
as unwelcome flakes of winter
bury their radiance and life...
slowly erasing summers warmth and laughter
born with springs gift of life anew.

Summers promise of life continued 
gave me strength and hope
that I could carry on without you
 minus frozen tears and ice cold memories
of death.
These could be replaced with
a living, vibrant colorful existence.

I will try to hush my fears
of cold and gray and white
of long, long days without you, 
and appreciate the quiet, restful nature
 of winter and death...
its purpose and promise.
I will ponder on our pure eternal love and future
as I patiently await our spring.
I love you Alain!