Saturday, December 24, 2011

May you feel his tremendous love....

What will you give for Christmas this year?
The Saviors life provides a perfect pattern for each of us to follow.
He gave freely, lovingly, and without any expectation of receiving.
As a result, the lame could walk, the deaf could hear, the blind could see, 
the infirm were made whole,
and even the lifeless were given breath.
But ultimately, Jesus Christ gave his life for each of us.

 In return for the redeemers thremendous love,
let us give to him the only gifts that are truly ours to give,
lives of service, obedience, love, forgiveness, faith, and gratitude.
In doing so we will be blessed, receiving yet another gift from the Lord. 
                                                                                          (Rolling Hills Ward Bishopric 2010)

Merry Christmas 2011

Thanks to all of you who truly have touched my life for good!