Monday, January 30, 2012

A day for two roses...

Today there are two roses
place by the graveside
of a very special man named Scott.
Scott is the husband of my very dear friend Deby.
Two years ago today 
her sweetheart left this earth
from a tragic snowmobile/avalanche accident.

Deby and Scott have a love story
which started over 40 years ago.
They have a family of
three beautiful daughters
and three handsome sons.
Deby is a devoted mother, grandmother and friend.

Her world both stopped and started that day.
A day of stopped earthly association,
stopped conversation,
stopped hugs and kisses,
stopped sharing and helping and supporting.

The starting of cherished memories,
 of independance,
and  alone-ness.
Not loneliness...
because she is surround by 
the support of family and friends, 
but alone-ness that is hard to describe.

We entered this new journey of journeys one year apart.
(Alain died just 5 days after Scott's accident just one year prior.)
Deby knew much of what my new world would be like.

We both know where our sweethearts are,
we know what kind of men they were in life,
and we are anxious for the day when we can be with them again.
Until then...
we are trying to make 
every day count!

(Deby has touched my life for good!)