Monday, February 20, 2012

Are you Toot or Puddle?

Loved this book!
My first Toot & Puddle Book.
Toot wants to be a world traveler...
Puddle prefers to stay home!
They both have wonderful adventures 
far away
...and right at home.
I totally fell in love with Puddle
I could instantly relate to him!

I love my home...
I appreciate what it has to offer me at this time...
it's just where my heart is! 
(I'm going to start a collection of these books!)
Too fun! 


Michelle L. said...

I have always loved Toot and Puddle books. So cute. I am a mixture of both Toot and Puddle. Perfect books to start a collection of.

Star 6 said...

From one Puddle to Another----Loves!!!!!!