Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Floating love notes to heaven....

Today is my wedding anniversary.
 Wow.... another first without him.
It is bound to get easier...
(but I don't really know if it will).

Yesterday my three daughters...
Michelle, Jamie and Angela,
and son-in-law John
and their six children
took a road trip to Paris, Idaho where Alain is buried.
It was a three hour drive there.
The closer we got, the blacker the clouds became.

Earlier before we left, all the little girls sat at the table
and wrote notes or drew pictures to "Papa."
We folded the notes,
and placed them inside 12 helium balloons.

Just about five minutes before arriving at the cemetery,
it let loose!!
 I've never seen it rain so hard!
My windshield wipers were useless!
My heart sank because we had come so far.

  Many  prayers were quickly offered 
silently & independently.
We made it there...
and with no exaggeration we had about four minutes 
to line the little ones up for a picture 
and then they let their balloons float up to Papa in "heaven!"
Then it was over!
It began to pour and pour and pour.
We were drenched and covered with mud as everyone
climbed back into our cars.

We love and miss our dad, Papa and sweetheart!

Letting go little by little...
but never forgetting!