Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peonies & Pain...trying hard not to complain!

Yesterday was hard!
For the 4th of July holiday,
I am surrounded by precious family 
and my sweet little grandchildren.
And that's were the pain comes in.
We are so used to having our Papa around
and he's not here this summer!

I cut some beautiful Peonies from my garden,
(I had to look up how to spell that!),
put them in a vase on my table
and realized...that everything else keeps going on.
First the daffodils and the tulips,
then the iris's 
and now these beautiful peonies.
Month after month nature will give us what she always has.
Holidays will continue to come and go...
anniversaries and birthdays will still be celebrated...
and births of new little ones will bless our lives,
and death will still come much too soon
for most of us that love so deeply.

I can do this.
I really have no choice.
But my heart can continue to be full of gratitude
for all that I DO have.
Health. Family. Friends. The gospel of Jesus Christ!

It just hurts!