Thursday, July 26, 2012

2060 Stripling Warriors

 Helaman and his 2060 Stripling Warriors

President Cory Hanks from Bountiful, Utah
 led over 2060
stripling warriors
in the Handcart Days Parade, July 20th
in my hometown of Bountiful, Utah!

This year’s parade included an entry that will happen  
only one time and in only one parade. 
 Complementing this year’s theme, They Did Not Doubt, young men from all over the area 
came together dressed as warriors.  
They were led by President Cory Hanks, president of the Bountiful South Stake, 
who was dressed as Helaman.
For many years President Hanks has been involved with youth groups, 
dressing as Helaman, and telling the story of the 2000 stripling warriors.  
Years ago he thought about a parade entry that would include 2000 young men all marching in unison, costumed as warriors, but the time was never right. 
 Finally, in 2012, it has all come together.
Young men from all over the valley were invited to be in the march.  It was so inspiring to see.  
They were all costumed and each carried a wooden staff-like spear. 
Each of the staffs had a nail in the bottom.  
Every forth step, the young men would strike the staff on the pavement
which will make a thunderous sound unlike any heard before in a parade.  
They were all be wearing wrist bands that proclaimed the message, 
“They Did Not Doubt!”
At certain times on the parade route
they began striking their spears on the ground faster and faster,
then in unison shouted

 Danny, ( my friend Kelly's husband),
 helped plan this EVENT for over a year...

I drove to Utah with my friend Sheri and her husband.
We had a grand time watching the parade!
Good job Bountiful, Utah!
You touched me!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Another anniversary.

Today would have been 16 years.
Alain and I always teased each other
and laughed
that we would have to be in our
to ever get a golden anniversary.
Blending two families together,
later in our lives,
took most of our time in the beginning of our marriage.

We really enjoyed our time in Idaho
since 2006
where we felt more like newlyweds...

I have the following verse next to a picture of us on my dresser...
I wrote it several years ago and gave to him.

I've always loved your hands...

Hands that help, hands to hold,
hands together 'till we're old.
Hands that work, hands that pray,
Hands that help me every day.
Bless your hands & heart & mind,
Thanks for hands that are so kind!

Grateful for the precious time
we did have...
and will have!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Anna Banana spent a little time with me 
(and my stash of construction paper.)
She invented the,
"Talk to yourself McDoodle!"
 You Go Little Girl!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Announcing little Lila!

My daughter Jamie gave birth early Friday morning to her little daughter Lila Geneal.    This is our 12th grandchild and 8th granddaughter.  She was supposed to come with fireworks on the 4th of July, but decided she wanted to be at the parade with her family next week.  She weighed 7 pounds and measured 20 inches long.  I was privileged and blessed to be able to be with Jamie and Aaron during her arrival.  I felt so blessed to see her come into this world, and to such loving and welcoming parents.  I was so very proud of Jamie. She is tough and Aaron was so sweet to her throughout!  They are a special little family! Aaron says he feels old now.  NOT... they are young and have so many blessings.  Congratulations!  PS.  Did I mention she is going to be another little red-head!  Too fun!