Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hugs for the Heart!

First of all.... I miss Alain!
Seven months have flown/crawled by!
Each day is bitter/sweet.
Bitter, because I want him back, I need him, this wasn't supposed to be!
Sweet, because I know what we had! I know where he is!  I know we'll be together again!

Not many marriages I know of 
have what we had.
Talking, sharing, encouraging,
more talking, more sharing, and more encouraging!

Our daughters still tell me they cry for him...
the grand-kids still talk about so many fun times with him...
I am still meeting so many people that share with me
what a great person he was. 

I appreciate so much when people acknowledge
what has happened...
what I still must be going through.

I have recently been the recipient
of a plethora of different
evidences of Heavenly Father's sure love for me.

Family... spent time with grandchildren for two baptisms recently!
Friends... (and their friends)... showing up to do yard work with me!
Notes... in the mail...
Emails... on the computer...
Treats... delivered to my door...
Phone calls (daily) check on me...
friends stopping by..., & girlfriends visiting for the weekend!

Each of these gestures are like 
a nice warm hug to my heart and spirit!
Thank you my eternal family& friends!
I absolutely know I could not do this without you!
I remain humbled and in awe for my many blessings!