Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not yet...

Still feeling a huge void in my life.
Yes, I am super busy.
Yes, I have dear, dear friends.
Yes, my family is so good to me.
But, no...
I haven't stop missing my Alain.
Not yet...

Yesterday these plants in my front yard
were covered in snow.
Today it is much warmer and they are standing a little taller.
The little white flowers are called,
(At least that is what my mother called them.)
She and I would go out and pick up 
the dead oaks leaves we missed in the fall.
 My mother would exclaim,
"Oh look at the snowdrops...
it's almost spring!"

Spring and life and everything else goes on...
I'm hanging in there every day.
When will I stop missing him?
 I don't know the answer to that....
  but certainly & painfully...
 "not yet!"