Thursday, January 12, 2012

Son-in-law's B-day!

 Aaron is turning 29, I mean 32 today.  He thinks that sounds old.  Not!  Aaron has been wonderful since Alain passed away.  He has tried to help me with any question or fix it, etc.  I have "so" not wanted to become a bother, but he has been so very willing to help me out, and I know Alain is grateful and will really thank him one day.  

A wesome hunter of beasts
A super great dad (&husband)
R eady to help me with anything
O ver the top CPA
N ever complains

A quick story about what a great dad he is.  Saturday his little girls wanted to have a "Hot Chocolate Stand."  Jamie called and wanted to bring them up to my home and sell it from the sidewalk.  I thought, "Oh no... it's so cold, no one is going to stop!"  I didn't want their little hearts to be crushed.  Aaron went to work setting up a table and hanging their homemade signs.  The wind kept blowing them off and Jamie said, "Look, Aaron is taping rocks onto their signs so they will not blow off!"  I thought that was so precious.  He bought the cups, brought the chocolate, made the chocolate... all the girls needed to do was stand there in the freezing cold and look cute.  My sweet neighbor Sarah drove by.  (We told them to wave)  I don't know what made her slow down and turn around and come back to be their very first customer.  Soon my other neighbors and their children, and Sarah's children came by.  Even Grandpa & Grandma Tonks came by to warm up!  They made a whopping $7.77 including tips!