Sunday, June 12, 2011

Touched by three angels....

so grateful for my precious grandchildren.
These are special little angels...
Emma... Paige... & Ellie

Oh how their "Papa" loved and cherished them!
How do I know?

Last summer when they were here visiting,
he made them

Over and over they kept telling me,
"Nana... you can't come into the shop...
we're helping Papa make something for YOU!

Hour upon hour, his little girls
stayed by his side,
not even wanting to stop and eat...
(just like Alain),
so they could be his helpers.

When he died
and Angela told her little girls
about the accident,
of course there was disbelief and sobs,
but through her tears Ellie said,
"But we had so many projects to finish!"

More beautiful benches, birdhouses and doll houses
will have to wait for now.

Papa would want you to now build
other important things...
Build your testimony... just like his.
Build good friendships... just like he did.
Build memories with your family.... just like he did.
Build your own beautiful self by
anyone you can...
any time you can...


Above is Emma.
Her mother said to her,
"Emma, I am so happy
Heavenly Father sent you to me!"
Emma look at her for a few seconds and said...,
"your welcome!"

The picture below is is the

that was made for me
by Alain and his granddaughters last summer.

He finished painting it in the fall,
then it was put away with the rest of the summer furniture.
We didn't even get to sit on it together.
That was going to happen this summer.

Remember to...
never put off love,
or spending time,
or saying words of appreciation and admiration
to those you care about.
This summer together
did not happen,

and although I would wish for nothing more than that...
I do have this adorable evidence of his gift!
I will sit on the bench without him and happily remember...
his thoughtfulness and love for me!

Insert...Joy! Carter Wayne

Thank heaven
for the joy of family!
This is my youngest grandson,
and I've never seen a happier little guy.

His smile melts my heart!
I want to kiss his cheeks off!

I love you little Carter Wayne!
Thanks for making your Nana feel such joy!