Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring always brings General Conference...

 Just thinking...
that I was the kind of kid who would have
thought she died and went to heaven,
 to have had a 
"conference activity packet!"
No such thing back in the day!
No Bingo 
No match games with M&M's
No color the general authorities ties...

On the Saturday sessions of general conference,
my mom would always turn up the radio very loud
to the station playing conference,
and then we would all go outside and work in the yard!
I felt like the whole entire neighborhood was listening right along with us!
(So embarrassing then... pretty good memories now!)

I copied off a Conference Activity Packet
for each of my grand kids 
(who can hold a pencil!)
and I will be getting them mailed off tomorrow.
I hope they have fun! 
A big thanks to!
(and my local copy store)

PS.  This site also has packets for youth and adults!
Bet you're not surprised I "DID"
copy one of those off for ME!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not yet...

Still feeling a huge void in my life.
Yes, I am super busy.
Yes, I have dear, dear friends.
Yes, my family is so good to me.
But, no...
I haven't stop missing my Alain.
Not yet...

Yesterday these plants in my front yard
were covered in snow.
Today it is much warmer and they are standing a little taller.
The little white flowers are called,
(At least that is what my mother called them.)
She and I would go out and pick up 
the dead oaks leaves we missed in the fall.
 My mother would exclaim,
"Oh look at the snowdrops...
it's almost spring!"

Spring and life and everything else goes on...
I'm hanging in there every day.
When will I stop missing him?
 I don't know the answer to that....
  but certainly & painfully...
 "not yet!"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brooklyn Laura.... Six Years Old!

B utterfly lover...
R eally loves flowers, bugs, and "Wild Kratts"
O bviously beautiful & charming...
O bedient & quite a good sharer
K ind to others
L oves Nature (more than any child I know!)
Y es.. her Nana loves her!
N ever likes to be teased or laughed at...

     Brooklyn Laura is my sixth grandchild and 4th granddaughter!  
She is a joy!  
She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum.  
She does a lot of deep thinking and is very smart.  
Too smart... correcting me on the names of sea creatures, jungle animals or insects. 
 Every time last summer, I mean ever time she came over for a visit,
 she went right outside and came back with a huge handful of "flowers!"  
My vases were constantly filled with beauty!  
She also can spot a "heart rock" a mile away.  
I love you Brooklyn!
(Don't ever forget!) 

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!