Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Circle of service... touching my life!

Over the weekend...
the BYU-Idaho University 5th Ward Wonderful Kids...
  dropped by for some good 
old fashioned

One of the jobs they did for me was to pick the rest of the apples from the trees...
I gave them some gallon size baggies and said to keep them to eat.
(the apples... not the baggies)!
Tonight I had to run to a friends home and left my garage door open.
When I arrived back...
there was the most beautiful, fresh, warm apple pie sitting on my steps.
These young kids were the most
kids on the face of the earth...
cream of the crop...

Gratitude isn't a big enough word for all the help I've received.
The darling couple on the left hand side of the picture are my dear friends.
(and the three girls in front of them are their adorable daughters...with one more in the very front).
Bruce and Wendy have been such a great help and support since Alain died.
Bruce was the person that got to Alain right after his accident
and was with him when he passed away.
 They have to be the cutest, most in love couple
I have ever seen.
Alain and I very much enjoyed being around them....
their example and friendship and love for life was refreshing.
Wish it could have lasted longer...
 I'm counting on it starting right where it left off ...
 when we're all together again one day!

This is a picture of the pie and the little note that was left with it.
I love the saying, 
"What goes around comes around."
Isn't it true.... good and bad?

What goes around...  service...comes around.... apples
...goes around.... service...comes around... apple pie!

I just love it... and I'm grateful to tears!