Monday, April 23, 2012

Natures "Love"

I saw this "heart rock" on Pinterest the other day.
I pinned it!

I loved what the owner of it said....

"I love this double heart rock my mom brought back from a trip up the northern California coast.  I am always looking for hearts in nature, along with other common shapes faces too, and letters... little serendipitous gifts from Nature that seem like offerings to connect to my world when I am always seeking to connect to hers. Whether it's the search or the actual treasured finds that delight, it is always a treat to make these discoveries of the "familiar" in a sometimes less than familiar environment.  I like to believe these discoveries, along with feeling a secret connection with something special just for you, is one of those magical ways in which nature can appear as a most unexpected muse!"

Since Alain was always giving me rocks shaped like hearts, I continue to also look for these heart shapes that remind me of his love.