Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My sister's memories...

My memories of Alain were of his kindness, gentleness,

his love of the gospel, his caring for others,

even at the expense of his own needs at times.

I loved him the most because of his goodness to Donna, my sister.

I wanted her to be happy and he made her happy.

And Donna loved him.
They were kindred spirits in many ways.

I so appreciated his desire to help me solve a problem I had in my chicken coop

by helping me design and then make a wonderful tool

to help me clean out the chicken poop

in the 8 inches of pine shavings I use to keep the coop clean.

He worked and worked until he had it just right

and was so willing to listen to my needs.

I always marveled as Alain pushed along with life enduring physical pain

that few knew he suffered with.

He wouldn't let it get him down and he always had a smile

and a wonderful, warm greeting for everyone.

I loved that he loved so many.

I miss him

as I know so many also miss him but we will look forward to seeing his smile again some day.

He has been a wonderful example to me of Christlike love.