Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healing with helping hands....

This wonderful neighbor and ward member
helped Alain replace our front door in January
when I was gone for two weeks.
It was supposed to be a surprise!

Jamie said Alain was SO excited to have it finished
and in place

when I returned.
Well... he was just too excited and ended up emailing pictures
to my cell phone of the finished door.
He had painted it with two tones and was so proud and excited.

When I returned,
he hadn't finished putting the trim up
and the door was a little "scrapie" along the bottom
when opening and closing.
instead of finishing....
Alain dropped everything (like he always did),
to help Aaron and Jamie
start moving into their new house.
He spent many hours that week helping Aaron prep and
get ready to paint their entire house.

I didn't worry...
because I knew it would be finished someday.
someday didn't come.

The entire time after Alain passed away,
dozens of people rang the doorbell and came inside.
I kept looking and looking at the unfinished door.
I knew he would feel so bad that he didn't get it finished.
I knew he would feel so bad that people would see our home that way.

That is why I was so very grateful that Shawn
sacrificed time away from his own family
and used his helping hands to truly serve.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!