Saturday, January 28, 2012

Do you have a Pinterest interest?


My cute friend Konda held her first ever Pinterest Party today! 
She invited those of us in the neighborhood 
who have been pinning and repinning and liking and following each other!

(Notice her husband in the other room....
imagine.... not wanting anything to do with our squealing and laughter!)

OK... so the idea was that we would each bring a recipe that we had pinned on our boards
and bring it to her home and share with each other.
I was giddy over these "piggies" I saw, so I pinned them to my
"Ideas to do with the Grand-kids" board!
I honestly don't know when I would have taken the time to try them,
but this gave me a great excuse this morning.
So easy and so much fun!
Pig out!

Konda's Men
Snowmen that is!

Warning.... completely addictive!

This could be considered wasting time... I know I will have to be disciplined, but the way I see it...
once I've pinned it,
it's sort of like mission accomplished...
well... at least partially.
Sometimes I just like to look...
(we can't do it all!)

Thanks Konda!  Besides being a "party queen"...
you're the best!