Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Perfect Day for a Parade... (BBQ & Rodeo)

We feel very blessed to live in this small town
where patriotism is still honored and celebrated...

These five little sweethearts
were all lined up and anxiously waiting  for the
Rexburg "Woopie Days Parade!"

We did feel a huge void without Papa there
 to hold hands and help the little ones 
catch candy or sit on his lap while watching the parade pass by.

Little Carter Wayne!

Nana and her fan club!

Awesome Son-in-law grilling up free hotdogs!
Doesn't get better than that...

How many more pics Nana?

Love the Red, White & Blue headbands!

Me & friend Arlene!

On the bleachers for the BIG RODEO!
(Didn't make it to the end.... tried real hard!)