Thursday, June 14, 2012

Polka-dot grass... Oh my!

 Well this is embarrassing...
Once again I take the bad with the good with the bad...

Trying to take care of my yard by myself has gotten
I promise 
this is a true story...

Pesky beautiful things.
I was just going to mix up some Round-up
and go drown those  little varmints.
And boy did I soak them good.

A few days later...

"Hey...  I thought Round-up just killed dandelions."
 A wise friend said,
"Well you won't do that twice!"

taking the good with the bad,
 3 cheers for me...
I started the motor of my edger
all by myself, and twa-la...
Pretty good for a beginner!

I also bought a new tree.
It is a Quick-Fire Hydrangea Tree.
Blossoms bloom white, then turn pinkish-red!

Last but not least....
my vintage wagon and tricycle.
I think they are so cute
and once again...
they give me joy!