Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home Repairs with Potatoes ....

I needed to change a light bulb!
Not hard right?
A simple little light bulb.

Well, as I took the cover off the light fixture and started to unscrew the bulb,
it broke off into my hand....
OK... how do I get that other part out that seems tight and stuck
without getting electrocuted?
This is where my panic and despair set in.

1. Alain isn't here to help me.

2. I know where the electrical panel is but have no idea what goes to what yet.

3. I don't want to bother anyone about this seemingly simple task.

("Hi, can you help me change a light bulb?")

Oh how my heart started to sink as I started pulling in
all the other things that are going to need to be done
and I don't have any idea about most of them.

Michelle happened to call and I began telling her my dilemma
and started to cry!
I told her I was going to call someone.
After we hung up, she called back and said,
"Judson said to get a potato, cut it in half, & stick it onto the part
of the bulb that was stuck... and twist and turn it
until it unscrews!
Oh my!

Wiping my tears I went and got a potato.
(Good thing I live in Idaho...)
I cut it in half, grabbed my step stool and marched towards victory.
Amazingly it worked.
Now the tears I shed next were happy.
Happy that I had been given a new tip by my son-in-law,
happy that I knew Alain would be proud of me,
("Good job honey"... I could hear him say!)
and happy that I am more capable than I think I am.