Friday, August 26, 2011

...on a brighter note!

  More summer photo's I love....

Little Noema...    creative "Corn on the Cob" eating!

One of many group lunches... eat and then hose them off!

My grandsons wanted to make scarey spiders to scare the girls when they arrived.  I threw "caution to the wind" and let them hide these "frightening creatures" all over the house.

Getting ready to make frozen Raspberry Jam. ( Carter ready to give Nana a "pucker kiss!")

My sweet daughter- in-law Amanda and my four precious (silly, loud, energetic, adorable) grandchildren! We made a quick trip to Mesa Falls.  It was simply gorgeous! Wish their daddy could have been with us!

These kids had a chance to go to the world famous "Rexburg Rapids"... but just wanted to hang with a $12 slip and slid in the backyard.  (and a big black garbage bag extended it even further...)

Isaiah thought there were too many "bees" and so he went and found a pair of Papa's gloves to pick his raspberries. 

Joshua's 8th Birthday! 
Eight is great and so is our sweet Joshua.

The next day it was Carter's birthday.  Number Uno! 
Yum.... strawberry shortcake for all!

Huge ice cream cones... after stuffing themselves at Big Jud's!
(Seriously... Big Jud's has the best french fries in the WORLD!)

Aunt Amanda and nephew Carter on his birthday!

Father and son...   Aaron and Carter the boy!

Feeding  the ducks at the Rexburg Nature Park!

Feeding the trout at Warm River!

I have the best family in the world.  We have made some awesome memories.  I appreciated all of the help I received from each family that visited this summer.  Alain would be so very proud of the way they have all stepped up to help me.  We miss Alain and Papa, and want to carry on our traditions and never forget what a wonderful, supportive, helpful, kind, caring person he was, who would drop anything to help you out in any way he could. We are all better people just for knowing and loving him!