Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another birthday girl!

A very good listener
U  nusually kind & thoughtful!
B ig time workout girl!
R eady to work hard...
E asy to talk to.
Y es... she is that beautiful in person!

 Aubrey Ann turns 28 today.  
She is the girl on the far right.  She has the most beautiful smile and teeth!
 Aubrey was the peacemaker in our family. 
We could always count on her to be where she was supposed to be,
doing what she was supposed to be doing.
Alain and I would marvel at what a big help she was 
even when she wasn't asked.
In other words...
she was a joy to have in our home.

She is out in the big world in California,
working as a paralegal
working out every day
and honestly... still trying to move forward
after the loss of her sweet dad.
Aubrey was Alain's only daughter and they were very, very close.

Happy Birthday Aubrey
I love you!

This was a visit of her's to our snowy home in Idaho.  
We even built an ice cave for the little girls to play in!

This is her graduation day in 2008 from BYU!