Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Trip for a day!

I was lucky enough to talk some friends,
(who were able),
to go on a day trip to Thayne & Afton Wyoming!
We drove to my sister's ranch in
had a tour of her beautiful home and surroundings...
posed for a few pictures
(which none of us will really like the way we look),
and next headed to lunch
at the greatest seafood restaurant ever...

I promise it is the best!

Here we are in my sister's front yard.
(Aren't the surroundings breathtaking?)

Sheri, Shauna, Deby, me, Marilyn & Konda!

They have the coolest little stream that runs
in front of the house...

Yes... Afton, Wyoming!
Alain's Great-great grandfather is the person who
gave it the name Afton.

After we ate lunch,
we drove back to the ranch and
went for a hike/jeep ride to the top
of the mountain.
It had the most gorgeous view
overlooking the valley below.
Tam fixed us a yummy frozen drink and we drank it
out on her lovely wrap around porch!
Then sad to leave,
we headed back to our homes.

Thanks to my wonderful friends and sister for more fun
than I deserve!