Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's a Mia Maid?

I pulled up my boots straps
and went outside to tackle the lovely snow yesterday!
I shoveled a path to the front door,
part of the sidewalk,
and a path to my mailbox.
"Pretty good," I thought,
for a spoiled girl who hasn't lifted a snow shovel in six years!

Later I heard noises out front and looked out the window...
and there was "Annie"...
shoveling the remaining snow on the driveway!

Annie is one of my Mia Maids...
My calling right now in the church is serving
in the Young Women Program...
girls ages 14 to 16... hence... Mia Maids!
This calling came about 2 months after Alain died.
I just about fell off the chair when I was asked.
"I don't really think I have anything to give right now!"
Empty, frightened and just trying to keep one foot in front of the other,
I said, "Yes."

Well, truly love those you serve, 
and sometimes they love you back!
Thank you Miss Annie... you made my winter...
I will never forget your thoughtfulness and example.
I was touched!