Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear mother all flowers remind me of you!

Me, Donna Kay, and my mother...
(I think a giant fly was trying to land on my eyelash...)  1958

My mother,
Elna Mae
gave me life!
How can I ever thank my parents enough for that gift?
My mother provided a home where I was fed, clothed, 
taught how to work, how to be honest, how to be part of a family.
I believe I was wanted and loved!
She became a widow at the young age of 38.
She raised me alone when I turned eight years old.
She passed away six years ago.
She was alone without her husband for 40 years.

Why has it taken 54 years,
after raising children of my own,
and now becoming a widow myself,
to want to break down in tears of my  "years"
 ... of not being grateful

My mom loved Alain.
He walked on water as far as she was concerned.
When she was here living with us he would try to make it downstairs
to watch Jeopardy with her in the afternoon.
He could tease her,
but she would give it right back.
I cherish him all the more,
for the love and respect he showed my own mother.
He wanted to do anything possible to make her comfortable and happy
while she was here living with us.

I remember after Alain died, thinking,... 
"I know this march, it is all very familiar,
I watched my mother do this." 
(Although all of my children are grown and raised.)

As I am trying to be independent now
I see in my minds eye when I was a little girl,
her fiercely wanting to do the same.
I watched her valiantly trying to take care of our home,
the home my father and her sweetheart built for her 
just seven years before being killed in an accident.
She didn't want to be a burden on others.
I watched her repair things, 
always taking care of something the minute it needed taking care of.
She didn't let anything go for very long,
hence,  I grew up in a nice home with a beautiful yard
full of green grass and flowers galore.
She loved, loved, loved gardening!

She was clean and organized and taught me
everything has a place and everything needs to BE 
in that place.

I would hear her crying in her room at night.
I was just a little girl and did not understand.
Now I do.
she woke up every morning with the sun
 and stayed busy all day long.
I NEVER saw my mom idle!

Today and always,
"Thank you mom
for your....
  •  tenacity,
  •  faith, 
  • perseverance,
  • sense of humor
  • caring
  • example!"
Mother Dear I love you so!