Saturday, February 4, 2012

One year without my sweetheart!

 I didn't see it coming....  
There was no warning whatsoever.... 
I was totally blindsided....

My husband and best friend Alain, left this earth
one year ago today. 

But oh... 
the blessings one year has brought into my life. 

I realized very quickly after he passed away,
that I had been married to the most wonderful man 
any woman could ever ask for. 
(I knew that before, but never with this intensity)
The years we spent together were some of the hardest...
yet the most growth occurred during that time also.

Alain was the most loving, giving, selfless person I have ever met.  
His ultimate goal in life was to...
be found worthy as a son of God, 
a faithful husband, 
a good father and a friend to all. 
  (I know he reached that goal...and all who knew him would agree)

I had the precious experience recently of reading his personal journals.
The one I read, started in 2005
and went until his last entry of January 21, 2011. 

I was amazed at his 
goodness, his humility, & his willingness
to keep trying after mistakes & challenges,
and his number one love.... 
serving any and all whenever he saw a need.  
He filled the pages with things he was so thankful for;
vehicles to take us places,
the furnace,
running water,
his health...
(which was always a challenge),
his children & grandchildren,
his ability to create and build things...
and the opportunity to serve others in need.

I read over and over again of the love he had for 
his parents, his family and me.
   Blessed me!  

I completed reading this journal, 
and was left with such an overwhelming appreciation and such gratitude 
to have been married to such a MAN!  
This experience was such a tender mercy in my healing and moving forward. 
I have felt a complete peace and calmness 
at my ability to continue missing 
every fiber of his being, 
and yet be able to continue through the coming years, 
honoring his memory,
loving our children, improving my life, 
serving others as he would have,
and being one year closer to being 
together again! 

During the past 12 months.
I feel such deep and sincere gratitude to every one of you,
who have touched my life for good...

Thank you 

I could NOT have done this without your love, prayers and support.
And as my sweetheart always told me...
"Tomorrow is a new day!"

(and I look forward to it's blessings!)