Friday, April 1, 2011

Healing my "Heart" in France Part 6

Saturday, March 12 2011

Started out for France around 8am. Today we are driving, driving, driving. We passed by beautifully terraced hills with quaint old Italian homes. Beautiful Mediterranean views!
The minute we crossed into France...
the wind became fierce and cold. We passed Nice (the birthplace of Alain's mother), and Cannes (the place she grew up).
I am doing a lot of reading... I have my I-Touch where I can read scriptures and lots of conference talks.
I have received so much comfort and inspiration and even direction...

We made it to Arles, France!
The older woman who greeted us was friendly and helpful and spoke English.
We went out walking the narrow streets holding our umbrella's. We laughed so hard
when one of ours would be blown completely inside out! We would just turn around
until it blew back the right way.

We visited a Roman Amphitheater built in 90 A.D. Whoa!
It could seat 20,000 spectators. The Roman public delighted in watching gladiators or animals fight. In the Middle ages, it became a fortress.
Bullfights have been taking place since 1830.

We ate at at Restaurant Le Galoubet!
There was a fireplace with a cozy fire right by our table.
Our meal was delicious! Dessert was baked apple with a dab of vanilla ice cream.
Oh my!
I had a HARD TIME FALLING ASLEEP... kept thinking of the "WHAT IF" about my Alain!