Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a blessed summer I've had.
I've been able to see and spend
time with each one of my
All 10 of them!

They missed Papa very much and I was worried,
but they seemed to have done really well here
and we're just not ever going to "forget" 
how blessed they were to know him and to love him!

Isaiah... hard worker, really loud, great helper, full of love!
Ellie.. creatively busy, always willing to help, sensitive heart!
Joshua... turned eight at Nana's, sweet and loving, loves to draw.
Anna... full of energy, loud, creative (very), loves to snuggle.
Paige... fun, funny, full of spunk and funny faces, loves everyone!
Brooklyn... loves nature, flowers, bugs, feathers, rocks and is so darling and sweet!
Jason... fearsome four, energy, courage.  When leaving he ran back
     and said, "Can I give you a kiss?"  Melt...melt!
Emma... cute as a button, talking like crazy, follows the big kids everywhere!
Noema... Sweet, sneaky, cutest big smile, loves her big brothers when they are not
     being too rough!
Carter... turned one and is the cutest little boy I've ever seen.  Happy, smiling, laughing!


jamie t. said...

What a great bunch! I loved how you described each of them!

Thompson said...

If only you knew how stressful it was to get a picture of these kids. I'm so glad we finally did!! You are so blessed to have them and they are so blessed to have you. My girls just beamed with pride as I read them each what you wrote. Love you Mom

Michelle and Judson said...

What a cute idea mom, they will love to read what their Nana thought about them