Thursday, August 4, 2011

Special Delivery...

Today marks six months since Alain passed away.
I'm not really a counter like this,
but six months seems like a milestone of sorts.
I'm proud of the things I've accomplished so far.
Most of all just surviving such a huge loss.

Holly hocks are one of my favorite summer flowers.
When we moved here six years ago
my jaw dropped as I walked around the yard
and it was filled with beautiful, 
red, pink and white holly hock plants.

This summer I watched these grow up right next to my front door.
I didn't plant any seeds here...
I think they were heaven sent!


jamie t. said...

You know Holly Hocks are my favorite too! What strength you've shown the last 6 months. Love you!

Star 6 said...

Do you think we were on the Hollyhock design team becasue we love them so much?

Michelle and Judson said...

I think there is an Alain angel floating around you somewhere...dropping little seeds of joy!