Thursday, July 28, 2011

Find yourself a heart-rock!

One of the precious things Alain did for years,
was to find heart shaped rocks...
and  bring them to me.

I've mentioned before that I  have dozens of them.

Some are outside in the front flower bed...
some are in the backyard,
some are on the mantel on the fireplace
  some are now on my bathroom counter.
I have the first rock he gave me and the last one he gave me
carefully placed on my coffee table in the living room.
When I look at one of them now...
I just feel his love!

If one of us wanted to let the other know that we were thinking of them,
we would place a heart rock somewhere to see or find... a suitcase,
on the pillow after making the bed, etc.

Find yourself a heart rock and give it to someone YOU love!
 You won't be sorry....


Krewson Family said...

I have been searching for one to put in Davids room next to the picture of my incredible uncle. :) Our little boy will always know just how special life is and who is guardian angel will always be. The same day our beloved David came in to this world was the same day our little David lost the oppotunity to meet a man I love so much.

Michelle and Judson said...

Cute mama, he loved doing that for you! You do have so many, I couldn't even clean your bathroom counter because there were so many haha! xoxo