Sunday, November 25, 2012

When Alain passed away,
I decided I needed to make the room next to the bedroom
 my retreat!
It's taken these 21 months to
put together a room that is
starting to be
(but it is far from finished I must add...dreaded painting!)

I have collected things that make me happy!
Wire baskets, a farm table, twinkly lights and my latest creation...
POM-POM garland!

I know Alain appreciated my creative side,
and this very room lends itself to that.
He was amazed when we got married 
at how much I loved to decorate our home,
especially for the holidays and seasons of the year.

I went away last Christmas...
I couldn't bear to decorate and not have him here.
He was the tree putter upper...
the light maintenance man
(all things electrical),
box getter and box putter away-er...
placer of all tall ormanemts,
and reminder of the 
baby whose birth we were celebrating.
He loved to listen to Christmas music
and sing at the piano.

Alain loved me for who I was,
and I believe he would want me to continue to be that person,
I am finding room in my heart
and feel the energy coming back more and more
to continue on life's journey,
with a grateful and happy heart!
I think he's proud of me!


Star 6 said...

and I am proud of you too!!!!

Love, love the room.....and we and I mean we will get to that painting even if it is in the next life.....lololol no seriously....this coming summer....i promise.

The Giles Family said...

Teary eyed reading your beautiful words! I always felt so at home in your sc house, it was so cozy and I loved all the personal touches. I love checking in and reading your blog. I find your words and thoughts inspiring and hope filled. I love keeping up with your beautiful family!! I'm so glad I've had the blessing of being friends with michelle all these years even though we are miles apart now! God bless and prayers always.