Sunday, November 25, 2012

The gathering...

 Thanksgiving has past,
But not the grateful feelings
that are like the 
...still in our hearts reminding us of
 all we have.

Jamie & Aaron, 
and Aarons parents,
Gary & Lynette,
 joined me for a really grand Thanksgiving meal.

After our Thanksgiving Feast
we gathered in the "Sitting Room"
to listen to Anna
perform her very first piano recital.
Applause was giving 
and autographs signed
following her debut!

 My I-Pad is the first thing my grandchildren want to play with 
when they come to my house.
(Whah...I thought they loved ME?)
Carter (2) can navigate it like nobodies business!
Following, are just a few hundred of the pictures
they took that day!

Hope your day was as smashing as ours!

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