Sunday, April 3, 2011

Healing my "Heart" in Spain Part 10

We hopped on a couple of Metro rides to get to the "Gaudi Cathedral." Oh my!
Rain, rain and more rain today!

Antonio Gaudi was an architect with an innate sense for geometry and volumes...
and a powerful imagination!
He perfected his craft using ceramic, stained glass, iron, forging and carpentry.
The four passions of his life were architecture, nature, religion and his love for Catalonia.
He died
before this cathedral was finished.

I couldn't really put into words what it was like...
ginormous....whimsical, out of the ordinary,
all centering around a Catholic theme of Jesus Christ.
The Pope came last November to dedicate this cathedral.

This is one of the buildings he designed in downtown Barcelona!

Our metro ride back to our "Hosteria!"

Dear Alain...
After coming home from downtown BARCELONA, Michelle and I layed on the bed
I just started to CRY!
Oh how my heart hurts. At times I just ache inside. I feel true physical pain as I think of you/US!
I can't believe that you are really gone.
I think because I am so far from home.... I think somehow when I get back, you will be there...just waiting for me to get home...
then our lives will go on... just like before. You will go to work in the morning, and
I will take care of our home and YOU when you come back!
We will go to the temple together, serve, play, check on our children
and love our precious grandchildren together...
we will work in the yard,
I "mow" and you "edge!"
We will live the rest of our lives, go on a mission somewhere exciting,
and most importantly...
grow old together!
Tell me what is FAIR about all of this?
What is going to motivate me to be strong, to be HAPPY?
I hear you once again in your soft, sweet voice telling me,
"TRUST.... it will be OK!"

Why am I so worried that too many things will have changed by the time I'm with you again?

I fell asleep after talking with Michelle. I had a dream. You were there. I love you! be continued!


Thompson said...

Wow Mom, you have been working hard!! Non-stop blogging! I love every word. Your pictures from your trip are amazing. It truly looks like something out of a movie. I love it. I also loved the post on all the people that helped with the yard. It makes me feel so happy that all those darling college kids came to help you. I wish I could have been there with gloves on my hands, picking weeds, digging up carrots, helping the person I love most in the world. I miss you more than you know!! love you Mom!!

Star 6 said... WILL be ok. And like I told you on the WILL be happy because that is your nature. Thank you for sharing both the happy and the sad....because we all can relate to that. You are wonderful!