Sunday, April 3, 2011

Each Life that touches mine.... BYU-Idaho 5th Ward

I'm interrupting my "Italy" posts to show you my answer to pray!

Last week as I was looking out my windows and saw all the snow melting,
I wondered how in the world
I would be able to take care of everything
all by myself... (sigh/cry)

Then I got a call Saturday night from my friend Wendy who said,
"Donna... make a list of everything you need done inside and out because Bruce is
bringing over his kids from his campus ward
to do SERVICE! (cry a little more...happy cry)

It seems like every worry I encounter.... a solution comes right around the corner.

The Crew!

Dead Squash Crew... (because I was in the hospital last fall & we didn't winterize before it snowed!

Dig out carrots crew!

Rhubarb & Dead leaves crew!

Raspberry Cane Crew!

Front Yard and Discover Flowers Growing Under Leaves Crew!

Backyard rake & haul leaves crew!

Crew that picked up every last leaf!

My sweet dear friend Konda and her husband came over to join in... Rex went and got his pick-up and took a huge load of yard bags to the dump. Konda finished
cutting back my raspberry patch for the spring. She is just as beautiful on the
inside as she is on the outside!

Thank you from the bottom of my HEART!

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