Friday, July 13, 2012


Another anniversary.

Today would have been 16 years.
Alain and I always teased each other
and laughed
that we would have to be in our
to ever get a golden anniversary.
Blending two families together,
later in our lives,
took most of our time in the beginning of our marriage.

We really enjoyed our time in Idaho
since 2006
where we felt more like newlyweds...

I have the following verse next to a picture of us on my dresser...
I wrote it several years ago and gave to him.

I've always loved your hands...

Hands that help, hands to hold,
hands together 'till we're old.
Hands that work, hands that pray,
Hands that help me every day.
Bless your hands & heart & mind,
Thanks for hands that are so kind!

Grateful for the precious time
we did have...
and will have!


Michelle and Judson said...

Today came fast didn't it. I know he's thinking about you. He had great, productive hands didn't he. We could always tell it was him by his strong hands! XOXO

Sheri Howard said...

I am sure this morning where ever he is in "heaven land" he thought about your 16 years too! His heart probably felt much the same as yours did.

Anonymous said...

Sweet verse!!

Mary said...

Oops. I'm not anonymous--it's Mary.